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Monthly Archives: September, 2013

Hotdog Cravings

Why do hot dogs taste so good at the county fair?  Is it the fresh air or the excitement of the lights and the people?  I don’t usually eat them, what with all the nitrates and preservatives; they’re just not “good” food.  But when I’m at a festival, fair or a ballgame, I indulge.  There’s …

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A Bat in the Flowerbox

I lifted the screen in my upstairs bedroom window.  Outside, on the ledge, was a flowerbox full of blooming geraniums.  I turned the first pot, picked up my watering can and poured in some water.  The second terra cotta pot was a smidgen too large and rested on its rim, leaving space underneath.  I lifted it …

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Freezing Fresh Basil

I have to credit my long-lost friend Karen with introducing me to the wonders of fresh basil.  A bottle of dried basil was in my cupboard with the rest of my herbs and spices. I’d used it when I made vegetable-beef soup but never tasted fresh basil. We’d planned a kayaking trip down the Shiawassee …

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Buying Local and Unexpected Gifts

I’m entering some photographs in the Hillsdale County Fair this year and needed to drive to the fair office to turn in my entry list and pay the fee.  Hillsdale is west of me on US-12 through Jonesville and then south on M-99.  I always have a camera with me so when I’m out and …

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Tomato Tasting

   I went to my first ever Tomato Tasting event.  It was hosted by The Dahlem Conservancy at their Ecology Community Gardens.  There were several varieties of tomatoes to sample, many that are considered to be “Heirloom.”  One tomato was bright yellow with a subtle lemon flavor and another was a beautiful orange and it …

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