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Monthly Archives: November, 2013

My First Thanksgiving Turkey

I grabbed a knife and cut deep. There was more blood than I expected. It gushed into the sink. The bile rose in my throat. This was worse than I expected and I wasn’t finished. I had to reach into the turkey’s gut and pull out its gizzards and neck. I’d offered to host the …

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Potlucks Are As Good As It Gets

My church, St Paul’s Episcopal in Jackson, Michigan, had their Harvest Dinner last Sunday. There was more food than we could eat. Someone suggested buying bigger plates for the church because there wasn’t enough room on the ones we had to try a taste of everything. The food at a church potluck dinner is as …

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Photo Exhibit at In Good Company

Opening night, November 7th, of the Jackson Camera Club’s exhibit at the restaurant, In Good Company, was exciting. Approximately fifty amazing photos (five of which are mine) were prominently displayed throughout the dining room and lobby. Several of the artists shared a wonderful meal and were available to discuss their photographs with the other diners. …

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Trick or Treating – Back in the Day

When my brothers and I went Trick-or-Treating mom and dad didn’t drive us around town in the family car. If we wanted the candy we had to put forth the effort and walk, no matter the weather. No walking – no candy. Mom and dad brought us into town for the festivities since we lived …

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