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Monthly Archives: December, 2013

Cookie Traditions

Traditions are what bind us together across the generations. They are the ties that connect us to our ancestors. Food is the strongest of these traditions especially during the holidays. The celebrations would be incomplete without great-grandma’s Dutch apple pie or auntie’s sweet potato casserole. In my family, we’ve combined cookie traditions from both sides …

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The Christmas I Grew Up

An Underwood manual typewriter was all I asked for that Christmas. At the indestructible age of twelve, when anything is possible, I knew I was a writer. Not a great one, but someday I would be. I wrote short adventure stories starring my friends and they asked for more; long epic poems that my mom …

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Mr. Cornell’s Hoe

I try to find a quiet moment during the holidays to reminisce about people in my past who have touched my heart. One memory goes back so far I’m not sure it is an original memory or one made up of stories I’ve heard and photographs I’ve seen through the years. Mr. Cornell lived across …

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A Fudgy Disaster

            For Christmas my neighbor, Vanessa, and I take turns filling a log cabin cookie jar with homemade cookies and candy.  I’d forgotten that I’d received the cookie jar last year and it was my turn to fill it and give it back.  I was rummaging around in the basement, going through unmarked boxes of …

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