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Monthly Archives: January, 2014

Food, Funerals and Family

I know it sounds crazy, but I like funerals. Well, maybe not the funeral service so much, but the wake afterwards. I’ve been to lavishly catered post-funeral dinners at a posh restaurant and also to a wake of homemade casseroles and cakes served in a church basement. But the purpose and feelings are the same; …

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Dad’s Lemon Tree

DAD’S LEMON TREE The motel bathroom was warm and thick with steam, a veritable rain forest. It was 1959 and I was somewhere in northern Tennessee. My dad had sent me into the bathroom with instructions to turn on the shower. He wanted steam, lots of dense foggy steam. He opened the door and said, …

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Faith & Seed Catalogs

The seed companies pick the perfect time to send out their catalogs; the dead of winter — January. The nights are long and the temperatures frigid. It’s when we gardeners most long for the fresh days of spring. The smell of warm damp earth, gentle life-giving rains and the parting of the clouds welcoming the sun. …

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Writing and Good Coffee

I’m meeting up with my friend Maria at the Jackson Coffee Company. It’s my first visit and I am impressed. Maria has a way of finding the most amazing venues. We’ve come for the coffee, catching up and an hour or so of writing. We are both working on books; I’m writing a “quest” novel …

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Taking Stock in the New Year

Maybe it’s the long nights during the season of the New Year or the feeling of solitude that winter brings, tossed in with the sense of renewal and a fresh beginning that makes me consider the importance of relationships. All the other things that define my life and the way I view myself; the allocates, …

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