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Writing and Good Coffee

I’m meeting up with my friend Maria at the Jackson Coffee Company. It’s my first visit and I am impressed. Maria has a way of finding the most amazing venues. We’ve come for the coffee, catching up and an hour or so of writing. We are both working on books; I’m writing a “quest” novel with a self-discovery theme. She’s writing a memoir of her life after immigrating to America in the 60’s.
I enjoy coffee and at home I add a scoop of either hazelnut or French vanilla to my classic Folgers. But I love a great cup of coffee at a coffee shop. I heartily recommend the Mocha Mocha at The Jackson Coffee Company. It is delicious. The coffee shop is situated at the corner of S. Mechanic and Cortland streets in Jackson, Michigan.

Jxn Coffee outside
When I walk through the door, the coffee shop has the feel of familiarity and warm momentary greetings, with a Hi and How’ve you been. There is a sense of flowing motion.

Jxn Coffee downstairs
Maria waits for me at a table for one, already writing. We hug. It’s been two weeks since I saw her last. Her color is good but her face looks a little puffy. She is having chemo but is steadily losing her battle. Her writing has an urgency that is understandable.
We take our notebooks and coffee upstairs. The atmosphere is quieter and slower. We pick a table for four along the support column in the center of the room. It is away from the outside wall and is warmer. The table is large enough for us to spread out our work.

Jxn Coffee upstairs 01Jxn coffee upstairs 02
There are two women in one of the booths. They look to be in their late 60’s and obviously good friends. The sitting area, with a couch, coffee table and an overstuffed chair is occupied by a young couple. I wonder if they are college students, or better yet, lovers. I like to weave stories around the people I see.
Maria and I become lost, uninterrupted, for over an hour, writing in our own worlds; mine make believe, hers a memory. It is wonderful. I think we could stay all afternoon and no one would mind.
Maria is tired and chilled. Even in her winter coat and scarf the cool air finds her. We put away our stories to be continued another day. She heads home to rest and I step back into the real world.


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