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Monthly Archives: February, 2014

Signs of a Michigan Spring

The sun is pouring through my front window and it’s after 6pm on a cold February day. There will still be a bank of light on the horizon after 7pm. For years I’ve anticipated the day, when driving home from work in the winter, the sun would be above the horizon as I pulled into …

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The Zen of Bread Baking

What is it about kneading bread dough that is so satisfying? The whole process of baking a loaf of homemade yeast bread ties me to past generation after generation, learning from my mom and grandmother as they made bread. On a cold winter day, the house would take on the warmth of the oven and …

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It all began by saying YES!!

This week I shared the history of my column, The Recipe Exchange, with the Inter-Lakes Lions Club of Somerset Center, Michigan. I was excited and honored that they wanted to know my story. A little over twenty years ago I was working in the accounting department at the Daily Telegram in Adrian, Michigan. I also …

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Coffeecake and Stress Relief

After deliberating for a year, I’ve decided to sell my house. It has been my home for over thirty-two years. This is the house I raised my family in, remodeled and decorated from top to bottom. I will leave my gardens that are filled with plants and flowers that were shared by friends, some who …

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