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Fat Jeans & Spring


If this winter doesn’t end soon I’m going to have to get out my “fat” jeans from the back of the closet and hire a personal trainer. When the wind is howling through bare tree branches and snow is falling again, I can’t get motivated to walk upstairs to the spare bedroom to spend an hour on my treadmill or some workout time with my home gym. If I don’t get my workout in first thing in the morning, it doesn’t happen.
I hear the recliner by the front window calling my name. The light is good there for getting lost in a great novel. I ignore it the best I can but somewhere around 3 o’clock I give in. If it was summer, I’d go for a walk or work in the garden instead. I get most of my reading done in the winter but it doesn’t burn many calories.
The other day I made a courageous move to get control of the winter carbohydrates, sugar and extra calories. I threw out the last of the ice cream – Moose Tracks, my favorite – and the chocolate syrup. I knew if I could get them in the garbage they were gone for good. I draw the line at dumpster-diving.
My writers’ group met Friday. I went to the store beforehand to pick up a snack to share. I found some scrumptious looking chocolate covered dried cherries. They reminded me of the chocolate covered raisins I bought by the pound (or less) at Murphy’s dime store when I was a kid. A quarter would buy more than enough.
I knew better than to look at the nutrition label on the back of the package of cherries. The best rule when buying anything chocolate is – don’t look. But then I remembered I’m not the only one complaining of “winter hips.” I put the chocolate covered cherries back on the shelf and picked up a package of fresh strawberries.
Then Tuesday, when I was walking through the grocery store, determined to buy only what was on my list, there on an end cap was a display of chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t make it past. A package found its way into my cart. I told myself I could have two a day. I had six yesterday and I’m already at my limit today. Spring needs to get here fast!!


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