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Falling into the Spring Expo

Expo 02  The Grass Lake Spring Expo started off with a bang or more like a thump. Alex Weddon, publisher and editor of the Grass Lake Times, had offered to let me sell my cookbooks, Farmhouse Cooking and Country Cooking, at his booth. My column, the Recipe Exchange, runs weekly in his newspaper.    Expo 01
I met up with Alex in the parking lot of the Grass Lake high school and followed him, carrying a large box of cookbooks and a heavy bag over my shoulder, into the Expo. I saw the Watch Your Step sign as I stumbled over electrical cords that had been taped down across the walkway.
The weight of the books and my bag worked against me. Just as I thought I was going to remain on my feet, down I went. Cookbooks scattered everywhere and there was no way I could dust myself off and regain my dignity. I assured everyone I was alright and scooped the cookbooks back into the box. I should’ve been on guard. I knew there was a full moon.
After setting up in Alex’s booth, meeting his wife Colleen and getting my heart beat back to normal, I noticed a tear across the leg of my favorite blue jeans. There wasn’t any blood but upon closer inspection I found a tender, red rug burn on my knee.
The booth was situated just outside the food court. I bought an amazing Bar-B-Que pork sandwich for lunch and also saw huge sno-cones, fresh pizza and tried some delicious caramel corn. Ghost Riders DJ service provided music along with an assortment of live performers. Even Elvis made an appearance.
I sold several cookbooks and more importantly met many people who read and enjoy my column. That is the best part about being a vendor at craft fairs and festivals in the towns where my column is in the local paper. There was a steady flow of people until forty minutes before closing time. Then things started to slow down.
I stopped in the restroom before my forty-five minute drive home. I had a small wallet in my back pocket that contained my driver’s license, insurance card and a debit card. I didn’t realize, until I was home, that the wallet had fallen out of my pocket. I immediately called the bank and put a hold on my debit card. A quick on-line check of my account showed there were no suspicious transactions. I went to bed that night knowing I’d be driving, without my license, to the Secretary of State office Monday morning.
Sunday afternoon I drove back for the second day of the Expo. I checked the women’s restroom on the off-chance my wallet had gone unnoticed on the floor. It wasn’t there. I stopped at the Welcome Desk and asked if there was a lost and found. They had my wallet and hoped I’d come back to claim it. Someone had turned it in. Whoever you are – THANK YOU!!
Everything was there; my license, insurance card and, most importantly, my debit card. All in all it was a great weekend with a little excitement thrown in to boot.


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