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Monthly Archives: May, 2014

When Opportunity Whispers

  When opportunity comes it’s not always with a loud knock, often it’s with a whisper. If you’re not careful you’ll miss it. For some reason when opportunity does come calling my first instinct is to not answer the door and pretend I’m not home. I blame my dad. Mom said his first answer was always …

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A Garden full of Memories

A For Sale sign is in front of my house. It’s time to move closer to family, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. I’ve lived in my big one-hundred and ten year old house for over thirty years. I love it and wish I could load it up and take it with me, but the …

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Rhubarb is Making a Comeback

  Rhubarb is making a comeback. As it is with many things, what was old is now new again.   My rhubarb patch, behind the shed and next to the mulch pile, started as a gift of two small bunches from the CEO of a company I use to work for. He would bring cut …

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Long Lost Family – Finding the Children of Homer and Amanda

A couple years back, I was at a class reunion picnic, sitting and chatting with a classmate. We hadn’t run in the same crowd during our school years but had shared several classes. There were 170 in our graduating class and we all knew each other to some degree. The majority had been together since …

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