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When Opportunity Whispers

Sunflower LSE-Nature-091912 GodsBoatWhen opportunity comes it’s not always with a loud knock, often it’s with a whisper. If you’re not careful you’ll miss it. For some reason when opportunity does come calling my first instinct is to not answer the door and pretend I’m not home. I blame my dad. Mom said his first answer was always NO.
I’ve been asked to participate in the upcoming Addison Days Festival on July 27th, as a local artisan displaying my photography at the Addison Congregational Church.  LSE-Pictoral-112112 And of course, my first reaction was NO, just like dad. My biggest concern was; how am I going to display my photos? I’d thrown out my old clumsy photo display during a flurry of winter house cleaning. It was awkward to use and didn’t display my photos well.
Also, my supply of available art is low. I’d have to get several photos printed and matted.  LSE-Pictoral-041614 And then, I’m not sure how the church will have the vendors set up; would we be inside or outside. Setting up outside would present a whole new set of problems including wind and rain. I have an awning that turns into a sail on a windy day when the sides are lowered. As you can see, my whirlwind of thoughts focused on everything that could go wrong.
But then….. ideas started to bubble to the surface. The more I thought about this wonderful opportunity the more how it would work came together. I’ve taken several photographs this last year that are display-worthy. I will use the Sam’s Club photo lab for the printing. They do an amazing and inexpensive job of printing enlargements. I could use my JoAnn’s Fabric coupons for the matt boards. They usually have a nice selection of sizes and colors, although I’m thinking of using only black mats. A ladyslipper
I’ve found that once I overcome that first knee-jerk NO reaction and say YES, opportunities are all around me. It brings to mind the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey. By saying YES he got into some very interesting situations, most of which turned out well. While I wouldn’t take the philosophy to that extreme, saying YES is still a good way to go.
I believe that YES leads to friendships, chances to learn and great adventures, large and small. NO can leave a person isolated, sad and missing the chance to live and enjoy life to the fullest every day.
So you will find me, with my photographic art, saying YES to this great opportunity at the Addison Congregational Church. I hope you stop by and say HI.  LSE-Pictorial-112013   LSE-Pictorial-110613


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