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Monthly Archives: August, 2014

Freezing a Different Kind of Green Bean

I bought a new kind of green bean at the Manitou Beach Farmers’ Market – Rattlesnake Beans, so named for their unique coloration.   I was at the farmers’ market as a vendor, selling my cookbooks and my photographs. When the sale wound down and it was time to start packing up, I went two …

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Zucchini Bread – From Garden to Table

As far as I’m concerned, the reason zucchini exists is so it can be made into bread, cake or cookies. It also provides a great word for scrabble. Those pesky Zs can be hard to get rid of. I love snuggling zucchini seeds into the warm earth in late may then waiting for the first …

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Memory Problems – Who Me?

I’ve begun to wonder if I’m losing my mind. Not going crazy, more like losing my brain. The RAM part of my grey matter is FULL and can’t seem to keep track of new information that is coming in. I have resorted to keeping a pocket calendar in my purse to remind me of where …

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