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Memory Problems – Who Me?

I’ve begun to wonder if I’m losing my mind. Not going crazy, more like losing my brain.
The RAM part of my grey matter is FULL and can’t seem to keep track of new information that is coming in.

memory 02
I have resorted to keeping a pocket calendar in my purse to remind me of where I need to be and what tasks are waiting to be accomplished. There are lots of chores that need doing, phone calls to make and places to be. There are notes on ideas for my blog and half-written scenes for my current novel on the bar between my kitchen and dining room. The very important, have-to-take-care-of-this right away, note is taped to the bathroom mirror.  memory 03
I tell myself, all of this is because my life is full of wonderful, exciting people and events. That is why I need these reminders. Sometimes I wonder….
But, when I hear of my friends’ memory problems, I figure I’m doing just fine. In the last week, I learned that one of them had left her purse in a restaurant that is an hour and a half from her home. She didn’t notice it was missing for three days. Yes, they were still holding it and after a nice long afternoon drive, it was in her possession again.
Last night I met a friend for dinner. We were both going to the same memorial service afterward. When we arrived and had pulled into the synagogue parking lot, she noticed her cell phone wasn’t in its usual place on the seat. After a thorough search of her car, purse and pockets, I called the restaurant. They’d found it in the parking lot. Thankfully the restaurant was on her way home.
There seems to be a whole bevy of appointments, commitments and dates that are ripe to be forgotten. I’ve heard of people being half way to the doctor’s office before they remembered it was the wrong day. One woman’s daughter forgot to pay her health insurance premium on time and her insurance was canceled. Thank goodness, most memory lapses aren’t that serious.
My forgetfulness ranges from intending to run the dishwasher after supper and discovering in the morning when there aren’t any clean bowls for my cereal that I didn’t push the start button, to doing a load of laundry at night so it’s ready to hang out on the line first thing in the morning and forgetting the clothes are in the washer. (I’m learned to leave myself a note on the bathroom sink).
I still claim I’m not losing my mind, it just too full of years and years of amazing memories, images, and story ideas. I need to re-boot, do a de-frag and clean my memory banks. Or maybe I’ll buy some colorful sticky-notes and color code my lists of important things to remember. That just might work as if I can remember where I put them.


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