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A Sure Cure for the Winter Doldrums

During the long dark days of winter I get the urge to rip up carpet, tear down wall paper, put up drywall and try out a different color of paint. Is there anything quite as beautiful as power tools, a new paintbrush and the transformation they represent?
I painted an old rocker I’d picked up at a used furniture store several years ago. It is white now and will look very nice on my front porch come summer. But, somehow, it didn’t quench my thirst for fixin’ something up.
Now, I’m eyeing my foyer, stairwell and upstairs hallway.

Hallway webAt first I thought I would only take out the carpet that has been in that room for a good fifteen years and repair the “soft” spots in the floor, which are most likely broken floor boards. My house is about 110 years old and these things happen. I’m sure there were several feats of dare-devilism that consisted of jumping from the stair landing resulting in a broken board or two at the base of the stairs.

Stairs web

It most likely happened during the same era that lead to the legs breaking off the couch and being replaced with 6 inch sections of steel pipe. But that’s another story.

Before the floor can be fixed, I need to get rid of/find a home for my upright piano that was purchased for a dollar and a promise not to give it back. It’s a heavy beast and puts a strain on the aged floorboards.

Piano - web
After fixing the floor, I’ll lay new carpet, maybe something with an old-fashioned floral pattern. But then I got to thinking; as long as the floor is bare, I might as well put up some drywall before laying the new carpet. I’ve been slowly covering the plaster walls though out the house with drywall. There are two walls left in the foyer to do, along with the stairwell (which is really tall) and the upstairs hall.

Stairwell web I might as well have it all done at once. And then, there is some brick fascia in the foyer that I love, but it only goes half way up two small walls. The other half is covered in mirrored tile.

Mirror tiles web  That was fine when my son lived at home and I could stand on the stairs and see what was going on in the front room, but now it just looks tacky. I would like the brick fascia to go all the way up the walls.
The original seven inch mop boards, archway trim and stair railing will stay, but should I paint them or not? They were stained years and years ago – before I bought the house – and they are distressed. On the one hand, they add to the vintage feel of the house, but on the other hand – well, they look distressed.
This is the way remodeling projects always go for me. It starts out with one thing needing to be fixed or replaced and before I know it, whole rooms are being torn apart. I blame it all on the winter doldrums. This isn’t a problem during the summer when I’m out in the yard re-arranging the flower boarders, putting up a new retaining wall or expanding the deck. I’ve come to learn, when you own a home, there’s always some tinkering to be done.


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  1. Linda Horton

    We also live in an old house. It seems whenever you start a project, it always leads to another in these old houses, because eventually everything is outdated. We also have the 7 inch stained mop boards and trim. Our walls need dry wall too. The living room and dining room are both paneled, I;m seriously been thinking of painting the walls, which would dramatically change the appearance.

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