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A Photographic Stroll Through Greenwood Cemetery

I’m not really a ghoul who likes hanging out in cemeteries, but an old cemetery is ripe with photographic opportunities.
Recently, several members of the Jackson Camera Club  met up one morning for a stroll through Greenwood cemetery. My goal for the day was to work on an assignment for an online photography course I’m taking through the New York Institute of Photography  I needed three photos: the first was to be taken with the sunlight hitting the subject of my photo at a 90 degree angle,

Cemetery 90 web

the second with the light coming in at 45 degrees Cemetery 45 web

and the third with the subject back lit. Cemetery back lit web
But, my assignment aside, there was much more to photograph and discover. The veterans section of the cemetery had gravestones and monuments from the Spanish-American war, Cemetery S A War web

the Civil war, Cemetery Civil war web both World Wars and the Vietnam War. There may have been graves from more current conflicts but I didn’t see them.
Each grave had a headstone, a brass marker and an American flag.Cemetery flags web

My mom and dad served in WWII, my brothers were in Vietnam and I lost several friends there. The peace of the cemetery, the rows of graves, the flags and the unspoken sacrifice carved in stone made an emotional impact.
Deeper into the cemetery, I stumbled upon the grave site of Ella Sharp, Cemetery Ella web a local historical figure. My friend, Ann, wrote a play about her life that was performed at Ella Sharp Museum in 2012.
Another thing I had my eye out for in the cemetery was the amazing artwork. The statuary had a beautiful patina

Cemetery Statuary web

and the etching and carving on the gravestones was exceptional. Cemetery Wheat web

The newer memorial gardens that I have seen in the past were bland and sterile with their flat placards and artificial flowers, compared to the artistic expression I found in this quiet old cemetery.
So, if you see me wandering among the headstones, I’m just soaking up the stillness, exploring the history and enjoying the art.


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