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The Zen of Laundry

Hanging clothes out to dry on a beautiful sunny day gives me a Zen-like peace. It is a ritual that I practice every year, once the warm days of spring arrive. Women (and sometimes men) have hung out the laundry as far back as when clothes were washed down by a stream and pounded with rocks to get out the dirt. Izzy Basket
The smell and feel of sheets warmed by gentle breezes and bright sunlight is like nothing else. My mom hung her clothes out to dry until the last two years of her life, when she sold her home and move into an apartment. She was an environmentalist before it was politically correct and abhorred using energy to run a clothes dryer when the sunshine was abundant and free.
Not only is line-drying laundry one of the earliest uses of solar energy, it is ecologically sound and leaves no carbon footprint. The sun is also a natural disinfectant and the bleaching effect of its rays leave your whites, whiter without the use of chlorine. Air dried towels have a nice, rough texture that will give your skin an invigorating rub, exfoliating old dry skin without the use of creams and chemicals. Clothsline Web
Drying your clothes outside in the fresh air is THE BEST in so many ways. I find my life slows down, even if for just a few minutes, when I’m hanging out the wet-wash. The breeze and sun gently touch me. I take a deep breath, smell the warm earth and listen to the birds calling to each other across my backyard. One of the finest moments is when I see Canada geese in their familiar V formation and hear their throaty honk high overhead.
A mile outside of the village are several Amish farms. It is a glimpse into a simpler world: buggies waiting by the back stoop, horses in the paddock and, of course, clothes on the line.
It is a shame that my grand-daughters’ generation won’t know the sun-sweet scent of line dried sheets or the rough touch of a towel. But, maybe they will remember the good old days when Grandma hung her clothes out to dry.


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  1. Lois

    I have always enjoyed hanging clothes outside, sheets, & especially cloth diapers. The babies never had a rash.
    Just waiting patiently? Now for those spring breezes! Thank you, Lynn

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