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Hiking at the Lanfill

There’s nothing like spending a morning at the landfill. I was skeptical, to say the least, when I heard of plans for a nature hike.
Gary Siegrist, Naturalist/Stewardship Coordinator, at the Dahlem Conservancy, was to be our guide. My vision of wildflowers growing in the garbage couldn’t have been more wrong. Dog wood web
Come to find out, our hike was to take place on forty-four acres that the Liberty Landfill had set aside to mitigate two acres of wetlands and wet meadow that had been destroyed. The acreage is monitored by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). And the Dahlem Conservancy is under contract to write annual reports, conduct surveys, monitor activities and do restoration work which includes controlling non-native invasive plants.
Here is a sampling of the astounding nature our group witnessed on this tract of land. The next time someone says “ Let’s go hang-out at the landfill” I’ll be right on board.
A special Thank You to Gary Siegrist for helping me with this information and making sure I got my facts straight. Gary web

Jack in the Pulpit web May apple blossom web DSC_0029 web Blood root web fern web Squaw root webwild geranium web  Killdear egg web woods web


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