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Bicycle Crashes & Living the One-Handed Life

bike-flowers-web I crashed my bicycle – OUCH! Actually, the bike was borrowed but the crashing was all mine. It was painful hitting that wooden boardwalk curb – why it is that those last seconds, when you know you’re going down, are always in slow-motion?

It’s been over two weeks ago and my bruises have changed to a delightful combination of green and magenta. The swelling has gone down but not completely away. My left wrist still hurts like the Dickens and wakes me up at night. It has been a learning experience. wris-web
My friend Tom has rheumatoid arthritis in his left wrist, the same one I injured. My accident has given me some insight into his daily life. I’ve come to realize how much I use my left hand and what a gift it was to take for granted that it was strong and worked like it should. And, while I’m getting more range-of-motion and flexibility every day and I know my wrist will heal eventually – his won’t.
It’s quite a challenge living alone with one good hand. Things need to be done: the dishes wait to be washed, the laundry piles up and the lawn keeps on growing; all interesting things to do with one hand. But, it is amazing, how a way to accomplish a task is always found. Thank goodness for dishwashers, personal-pace lawnmowers and power steering.
I did find out the hard way, in church Sunday that kneeling is still out of the question.  leg-web I lowered the kneeling bench from under the pew in front of me and quickly discovered that the bruises on my knees couldn’t take the pressure. So I did the old-lady form of kneeling: sitting on the edge of my pew, with folded hands leaning on the back of the pew in front of me. Hopefully by next week I can truly kneel.
I also had to bow out of a Heritage Festival where I was going to be a vendor selling my cookbooks. My column runs in the local paper, so I was looking forward to meeting folks who read and enjoy The Recipe Exchange. There was no way I could erect my 10 x 10 foot shelter, set up my table and haul boxes of cookbooks. The woman in charge of the event was very kind when I called and even refunded my booth fee.
I was also scheduled to join the World Wide Kelby Photo Walk but I’ve found I can’t hold my DSLR camera yet. It’s amazing how a sprained wrist can interfere with FUN.
The day before the accident, I had started some touch-up painting and repair work in my office. It has remained untouched, tools and plastic still where I left them. Tomorrow I plan to pick up the paint brush and give it a try. Soon life will be back to normal. I can’t wait!



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