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Pajama Yoga and Lucy

I’m one of those people who need to get their workout in before breakfast and while I’m still in my PJs. Every third day of my exercise regime I do yoga. The stretching and slow movements are soothing and the concentration creates a Zen-like state, setting the demands of the upcoming day aside for thirty minutes or so. That was, until two months ago when I adopted a kitten named Lucy.

Lucy has decided that the yoga mat signals playtime. My outstretched arms, in the Second Warrior Position, are a challenge to how high she can jump. Laughing at her attempts makes it difficult to focus and keep the pose.
Heaven forbid that I stay in the Cobra for more than a few seconds. My open thighs and arched back provide an obstacle course as she runs over my lap, circles round and gallops between my arms and across the room ending under the furniture. Seeing her eyeing me from behind the skirt on the sofa is disconcerting. I never know when she is going to “attack”.
A Down Dog at the Chair involves a cat in my hair. I try to concentrate as I lightly push the palms of my hands into the chair seat while keeping my elbows locked and pushing back through my hips. Lucy takes this move as her cue to sit in the chair, with a paw on each side of my head, holding on tight.

The Tree position requires me to balance on one foot while the other foot is pressed against my calf. My arms are raised to represent the branches. Lucy like trees. She likes climbing trees. I end the pose holding up my pajama bottoms while trying to pluck her of the trunk of the tree – my leg!
I don’t have the heart to lock her in a different room while I exercise. How can I when she looks at me with that sweet face? To her we’re having a fun playtime. And she does keep me on my toes, so to speak. The day will come when she will be a grownup cat and she will no longer consider me one of her toys. In the meantime Lucy and I really enjoy doing yoga. lucys-sweet-face-web



  1. Christine Eckerle

    I love your posts. Annabelle is old enough to say: “whatever” as she lays there and gives me a look that questions my sanity. 🙂

  2. Wish you lived closer, I would love to do yoga with you….

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