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The Orchid Show – Are We There Yet?

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My cousin Robin and I took a drive last weekend to Meijer Gardens for the Grand Valley Orchid Show. We had our cameras, lenses and other gear ready to go. I thought she knew the way, we’d been there before. But, she had counted on me having directions since the trip was my idea. I’d left them home in my Directions file. We couldn’t remember the way, and I get turned around and can’t tell if I’m going east or west. It was a cloudy day with no sun to help us. I did remember that is was right off the highway. I just didn’t know which highway.
Robin said, “Not to worry.” She had Siri on her IPhone. We stopped and had a delicious lunch in Kalamazoo. I mentioned I didn’t remember going through Kalamazoo the last time we went to Meijer Gardens, but we continued to trust the directions coming from her phone.
After driving through freezing rain and lake effect snow, the app ended up taking us to a modular home park somewhere on the outskirts of Grand Rapids. It had Garden in its name and apparently caused Siri’s confusion. We sat in the parking lot, not believing where we were. Then pushing ever onward, we asked Siri to reconfigure. We were pleased to find that we only had to backtrack a few miles, pick up I96 and within minutes we would be there. Our lesson for the day was not to trust Siri.
We’d planned on being at the show when it opened at noon. It was now 2:30 p.m. My nerves were frazzled nerves-web but at least we didn’t have to wait in line. waiting-in-line-web
The orchards were remarkable in their variety. Some had happy faces funny-face-web and some looked like they were hungry and waiting for a snack,   bite-web

but they were all beautiful. As usual things worked out for the best. With the crowd thinning out at the end of the day, we were able to get some great photos then enjoy a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie in the café before heading home.
There are three more shows coming soon to central Michigan. Admission to all of the shows is free. I hope you get a chance to attend at least one. Find the information below
3 more pictures
The Greater Lansing Orchid show is February 25 & 26th on the MSU campus in the Plant & Soil conservancy. (
The Ann Arbor Orchid Festival is March 18th & 19th at the UofM Matthaei Botanical Gardens (
The Michigan Orchid Society Show is March 25th & 26th at the United Food Workers Building at 876 Horace Brown Drive in Madison Heights. (

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