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Mama Mia It’s Valentine’s Day

I felt for too many years that Valentine’s Day was the worst holiday ever conceived. The day never lived up to my hopes and expectations.
At the office, it was a competition to see who would receive flowers and how big were the bouquets. I oohed and awed over each delivery of roses with sweet cards and often accompanied with boxes of chocolates. My desk remained empty because my husband gave me flowers privately at home. When the looks of pity came my way I just made it worse by asserting that there would be – for sure – flowers waiting for me on the dining room table.
Of course there will be was followed by a hug or at the very least a sympathetic pat on my hands. I hated Valentine’s Day! Looking back, coming home to a smiling husband, his warm embrace and the beautiful pale pink roses – my favorite – was more romantic than one-upping someone at work. But at the time, the emptiness of my desk grew larger as it became surrounded by everyone else’s roses, plants in sweet containers and heart shaped boxes of candy.

Then the day came when I was single and there was nothing at all.

I tried to ignore the day but it was impossible. I called it a manufactured Hallmark holiday; nothing more than a marketing ploy, causing men to purchase cards, flowers and jewelry. As much as I tried to convince myself it didn’t matter, it did.
Then I had a change of heart. I decided to turn Valentine’s Day around and make it my day to celebrate love and kindness to anyone who crossed my path. I made phone calls to friends I hadn’t seen in a while, baked cookies to hand deliver and sent cards to those who were too far away to visit. I said, “Happy Valentine’s Day” to the store clerks, gave a friendly wave to the neighbor and let the other guy have the parking spot. I looked for opportunities to bring a little love into anyone’s day. By evening when I was in my pj’s and comfy, I was happy and full of goodwill. I found the best of Valentine’s Day was not receiving fleeting tokens given out of a sense of obligation, but in giving that love away. Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad after all.

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  1. Wonderfully said.

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