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The Orchid Show – Are We There Yet?

   My cousin Robin and I took a drive last weekend to Meijer Gardens for the Grand Valley Orchid Show. We had our cameras, lenses and other gear ready to go. I thought she knew the way, we’d been there before. But, she had counted on me having directions since the trip was my idea. …

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A Winter Walk in the Woods

The stark and desolate beauty of a northern winter leaves me in awe. While the lushness of summer and soft warm breezes are welcome after months of cold and snow, there is a sense of the divine in the silent splendid wonder of winter.   I am a cross-country skier and I love being out …

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A Photographic Journey

Beauty can be found in any town and city. I recently participated in the Kelby World Wide Photowalk in Jackson, Michigan. The group leader was Kenny Price. He procured us access to some amazing venues and led our motley crew of photographers through an afternoon of wind and rain. It was an amazing opportunity to …

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A Photographic Stroll Through Greenwood Cemetery

I’m not really a ghoul who likes hanging out in cemeteries, but an old cemetery is ripe with photographic opportunities. Recently, several members of the Jackson Camera Club  met up one morning for a stroll through Greenwood cemetery. My goal for the day was to work on an assignment for an online photography course I’m …

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An Afternoon of Spring Blooms

Last Saturday, I took a drive over to Hidden Lake Gardens with my cousin, Robin. We’re both photographers and it was her idea to spend an afternoon taking pictures and talking shop. Discussing photography with a non-photographer will slowly cause that person’s eyes to glaze over, they will start to back away with frequent glances …

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Apples, A Camera and a Great Bread Recipe

APPLES, A CAMERA AND A GREAT BREAD RECIPE My latest photography project combined the effect of light, apples and a loaf of delicious apple bread.   I’m taking an on-line course through New York Institute of Photography and this latest assignment has been a lot of fun.   I baked a loaf of apple bread …

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Detroit’s Artistic Corridor

Going to Detroit is like stepping into another world and I am amazed every time I go there. Large areas of Detroit are in decay and falling down. One empty building follows another. Parts of the old business district, within a few blocks of Tiger Stadium, are abandoned and deserted. But amid the dilapidated buildings, …

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When Opportunity Whispers

  When opportunity comes it’s not always with a loud knock, often it’s with a whisper. If you’re not careful you’ll miss it. For some reason when opportunity does come calling my first instinct is to not answer the door and pretend I’m not home. I blame my dad. Mom said his first answer was always …

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Photo Exhibit at In Good Company

Opening night, November 7th, of the Jackson Camera Club’s exhibit at the restaurant, In Good Company, was exciting. Approximately fifty amazing photos (five of which are mine) were prominently displayed throughout the dining room and lobby. Several of the artists shared a wonderful meal and were available to discuss their photographs with the other diners. …

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