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Hiking at the Lanfill

There’s nothing like spending a morning at the landfill. I was skeptical, to say the least, when I heard of plans for a nature hike. Gary Siegrist, Naturalist/Stewardship Coordinator, at the Dahlem Conservancy, was to be our guide. My vision of wildflowers growing in the garbage couldn’t have been more wrong.  Come to find out, …

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A Photographic Journey

Beauty can be found in any town and city. I recently participated in the Kelby World Wide Photowalk in Jackson, Michigan. The group leader was Kenny Price. He procured us access to some amazing venues and led our motley crew of photographers through an afternoon of wind and rain. It was an amazing opportunity to …

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The Magic of Christmas Ornaments

  I thought about not putting up my Christmas tree this year. A tree would be beautiful, all lit up after dark, but I live alone. My son is grownup with his own family. I have an artificial tree so it was do-able. It would’ve been out of the question if I had to wrestle …

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Banana Squash – YUM!!

I keep discovering all kinds of new-to-me vegetables. The latest was a Banana Squash. I found this beautiful, long, smooth salmon-colored vegetable at a farmer’s market. The man I bought it from thought the squash was called a Honey Roaster, but after a little further investigation, I found out it was a Banana Squash. This …

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Crab Cakes – Does It Get Any Better?

I’m often asked if I make all of the recipes that are sent into my column, The Recipe Exchange. The answer is No. I don’t have a test kitchen and I couldn’t possibly eat all that food. I trust that the people who send in the recipes have made them and like them. But every …

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Taking Stock in the New Year

Maybe it’s the long nights during the season of the New Year or the feeling of solitude that winter brings, tossed in with the sense of renewal and a fresh beginning that makes me consider the importance of relationships. All the other things that define my life and the way I view myself; the allocates, …

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Freezing Fresh Basil

I have to credit my long-lost friend Karen with introducing me to the wonders of fresh basil.  A bottle of dried basil was in my cupboard with the rest of my herbs and spices. I’d used it when I made vegetable-beef soup but never tasted fresh basil. We’d planned a kayaking trip down the Shiawassee …

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Tomato Tasting

   I went to my first ever Tomato Tasting event.  It was hosted by The Dahlem Conservancy at their Ecology Community Gardens.  There were several varieties of tomatoes to sample, many that are considered to be “Heirloom.”  One tomato was bright yellow with a subtle lemon flavor and another was a beautiful orange and it …

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Welcome to Food, Fun and More

Welcome everyone! Take a seat. Get comfortable. May I get you a glass of wine or some coffee perhaps? I truly hope our time together here is fun and enjoyable. Please feel free to speak up with ideas, questions or just to say Hello. This blog will discuss anything about FOOD; from cooking, to gardening, …

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