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Copyright November 5, 2013

All rights reserved.  No part of this blog, including written text and all images, may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of the Author.






1 Piano with Apples resized PIANO WITH APPLES

2 A Study in Pink resized A STUDY IN PINK


3 Barn with Wheat resized BARN WITH WHEAT 4 Bug of Color resized BUG OF COLOR

5 Carousel Horse resized CAROUSEL HORSE 6 A ladyslippe resized LADY SLIPPER

7 gothic church resized GOTHIC CHURCH 8 Paddle Wheel resized PADDLE WHEEL

9 GrandHotel resized GRAND HOTEL 10 BlackeyedSusans resized BLACKED EYED SUSANS

11 Autumn Still Life resized AUTUMN STILL LIFE 12 Butterflies resized BUTTERTFLIES

13 A yellow orchid resized YELLOW ORCHIDS

14 Makinaw Bridge Span resized MACKINAW BRIDGE SPAN

15 Makinaw Bridge resized MACKINAW BRIDGE

16 IslandChurch resized ISLAND BRIDGE – ONLY AVAILABLE IN 5X7 & 8X10

17 SailBoat resized SAILBOAT 18 Greenwood Church resized GREENWOOD CHURCH

19 ACorn resized AUTUMN CORN 20 Ludington beach resized LUDINGTON BEACH

21 Ludington shoreline resized LUDINGTON SHORELINE 22 LudingtonLighthouse resized LIGHTHOUSE WITH DUNES

23 Lighthouse Causeway resized LIGHTHOUSE CAUSEWAY

24 Sunset Sailboat resized SUNSET SAILBOAT

25 ABarnDoor resized BARN DOOR ONLY AVAILABLE IN 5X7 & 8X10

26PinkRose resized PINK ROSE

27 BareTree resized BARE TREE

29 Autumn Tree resized AUTUMN TREE ONLY AVAILABLE IN 5X5 & 8X10

30 BarnDoor resized BARN DOOR

31 icebush resized ICE BUSH

32 rainbow Balloon resized RAINBOW BALLOON 33 Ship Ropes resized SHIP’S ROPES  34 Ship Post resized SHIP’S POST

35 wicker covered bottles resized WICKER COVERED BOTTLES 36 Wooden Crates resized WOODEN CRATES

1 Comment

  1. Wilma Limber

    Enjoyed all your articles on your website and also your pictures. You do certainly have a talent. I too like to write poetry but must be so inspired. About your first typewriter. I bought an old one for $25 when I was in high school. graduated in 1952 (My hard earned baby sitting money.) Probably got $1. for an evening. Certainly not like it is now days. Well enough rambling. Keep up the good work.

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